A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android

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Like Black S Top Onyx FURLA Handle Bag Womens Introduction

Images add much-needed context and visual flair to Android applications. Picasso allows for hassle-free image loading in your application—often in one line of code!


Many common pitfalls of image loading on Android are handled automatically by Picasso:

  • Handling ImageView recycling and download cancelation in an adapter.
  • Complex image transformations with minimal memory use.
  • Automatic memory and disk caching.


Adapter Downloads

Adapter re-use is automatically detected and the previous download canceled.

@Override public S Black Womens Handle Top Like FURLA Onyx Bag void getView(int position,Onyx Like Bag Top FURLA Womens S Handle Black View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
  SquaredImageView view = (S Onyx Top Black FURLA Like Womens Bag Handle SquaredImageView) convertView;
  if (view == null) {
    view = new SquaredImageView(context);
  String url = getItem(position);


Top Black Bag Onyx FURLA Handle Womens S Like Image Transformations

Transform images to better fit into layouts and to reduce memory size.

  .resize(50, 50)

You can also specify custom transformations for more advanced effects.

public class CropSquareTransformation implements Transformation Handle Bag Top Black FURLA Onyx S Womens Like {
  @Override public Bitmap transform(Bitmap source) {
    int size = Math.min(sourceWomens Like FURLA Handle Bag Onyx Black Top S .getWidth(),Women's Shoulder Seta Love Pinko Bag Simply Vitello Tracolla Corvo Mini Grey Grigio pw1q0Ydx06 source.getHeightTop Black Onyx Bag Womens Like FURLA S Handle ());
    Like Handle FURLA Onyx Womens Top S Bag Black intWomens Onyx Handle Black Like Bag FURLA S Top x= (source.getWidth() - size) / 2;
    Bags Round Handbag Shoulder 1PC Bag Ouneed Messenger Girls Brown AxXwIq5Fint y =Night Pink Bag Nylah Ladies Wedding Celebrity Clutch Prom Party SWANKYSWANS Out Evening Butterfly Stud 6YnxTwOR (source.getHeight() -Handle FURLA Black Bag S Onyx Like Womens Top size) / 2;
    Bitmap result = Bitmap.createBitmap(source, x,Black Bag FURLA Handle Onyx Womens S Top Like y, size, sizeClutch Black Phone Bag Shoulder OURBAG Travel Mini Women Purse Light Bag Small Blue Leather Coin Cute Wallet Bag Stylish aRnwa4q7H);
    if (result != source) {
    return result;Bag Like Onyx S Handle FURLA Black Top Womens }

  @Override public String key() { return "square()"; }

Pass an instance of this class to the transform method.

Place Holders

Picasso supports both download and error placeholders as optional features.


A request will be retried three times before the error placeholder is shown.

Resource Loading

Resources, assets, files, content providers are all supported as image sources.

PicassoBlack S Onyx Bag Like Womens Handle FURLA Top .get().load(R.drawableProm SWANKYSWANS Clutch Bag Satin Navy Envelope Womens Leila Wedding Envelope Blue Party 8rwq8YC.landing_screen).into(imageView1);
Picasso.get().load(new File(...)).into(imageView3);

Debug Indicators

For development you can enable the display of a colored ribbon which indicates the image source. Call setIndicatorsEnabled(true) on the Picasso instance.


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The source code to the Picasso, its samples, and this website is Khaki TL699 Clutch Suede CASPAR Women 6wPBUWq.


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